Prunuske Chatham Inc. Environmental Consulting
staff standing on boulders

Meet the Staff

A company’s energy, vision, effectiveness, and integrity are embodied in its people. At Prunuske Chatham, Inc., we are blessed to have a team of dedicated, passionate, professionals that bring a wide array of creativity and talent to bear on each project. They understand that environmental projects are not just plans drawn on a piece of paper—each project is about the land and the people who live and work there. Our entire staff keeps this in mind and works diligently to ensure that every undertaking moves forward with a healthy balance between the needs of stakeholders, government agencies, and the land itself.

Harold Appleton, California Registered Professional Forester

Rod Berg, Construction Planner

Clare Broussard, Chief Financial Officer

Celia Chatham, Biologist

Steven Chatham, Founding Principal

John Ferons, Principal Civil Engineer

Kim Girard, Accounting Assistant

Lauren Hammack, Principal and Fluvial Geomorphologist

Mike Jensen, Principal Landscape Architect

Maggie Jensen, California Licensed Landscape Architect

Doug Loudon, Construction Principal

Kathie Lowrey, Principal Environmental Planner

Carrie Lukacic, Senior Environmental Planner

Jennifer Michaud, Senior Wildlife Biologist

John Pawson, Professional Land Surveyor and Senior Engineering Technician

Liza Prunuske, Founding Principal

Gina Reid, Senior Accountant

Jasper Rice-Herdt, EIT

Laura Saunders, Certified Planner

Brian Schlosstein, EIT

Joan Schwan, Senior Vegetation Ecologist

Laurel Stewart, Administrative Assistant

Lucas Walton, Registered Civil Engineer